Br和 Personality Sells – So What’s Your Company’s?


When Dafa888casino started back in the age of dial-up, a website wasn’t necessary. 此外,我有两个年幼的孩子, 需要修理的旧房子, 还有一个全职的平面设计公司. 我想的不是网站.

但 as a web presence became more important to conveying legitimacy 和 professionalism, 我发现这是一种挣扎. I redesigned my website again 和 again 和 again…

没有什么 点击.

网站和概念的抽样. 相信我,还有很多!









我知道我的表演是完美的. 我知道如何设计. 那么,问题是什么呢?

我的问题是我的短信. 目前尚不清楚.

I didn’t know who my audience was 和 I wasn’t showing them how I could solve their problems.

I found it all so convoluted, I took down my murky website 和 had my domain address go to a 脸谱网 业务页面. Raise your h和 if that’s w在这里 your business resides online right now. 😳

我得到了启示, 尽管这么说让我很伤心, I realized that content was more important than the design of a website.

I was building my website for me, not my clients.

I wanted it to be pixel perfect, “designery” 和 for visitors to go “WOW!当他们看到它的时候. 但 this isn’t what I should have been focusing on.

My website isn’t about what I want—it’s about what I can do for my audience.

如果你想让你的生意增长, you should position your services as the resolution to an external, internal 和 philosophical problem 和 frame the Buy Now button as the action the client must take to create closure.

你的网站不是关于你自己的, it’s about your potential client 和 how you can make their problems go away.


Alongside every great hero, t在这里 is a guide that helps them overcome their problem.


Your client is the hero of their story which means that they’re going to have a problem.

这让您只有一个选择. To become their oh-so-knowledgeable guide that is t在这里 to answer all their questions 和 solve all their problems.


好吧,你知道你很棒. You know how you’ve helped your current client list achieve their goals 和 live the lives they want.



  • Wow them with kickass testimonials 和 logos of happy, impressive companies you work with before

  • Stun them with statistics 和 graphs showcasing your intense results

  • Amaze them with an array of awards you have conveniently placed on your home page

Showing them all the things you’ve achieved will make them want to work with you 和 providing them with proof such as testimonials 和 statistics will help secure a sense of trust between you.


  • Be honest with your clients at all times to build trust between you

  • Tell them your origin story 和 show them how you got to w在这里 you are. 你可以更详细地了解我的 在这里.

  • 你是人类. 没有人是完美的.

When you’re empathetic with your clients it’ll build trust between you 和 make it easier for them to work with you.


你已经明确了客户的问题, shown your expertise 和 expressed sincere empathy towards them.

但它们还是不咬人! 为什么?

Because they need a plan so they know what they need to do next. 他们需要具体的说明.

A plan supplies your client with clarity 和 helps them underst和 your business’s process.

At Dafa888casino we have a 3 step plan in place for our clients:

  1. 取得联系 与Dafa888casino

  2. 弄清楚 发电计划

  3. 让它合法化 功率发射

注意! Naming your plans increases the perceived value of the service you’re giving.

After introducing your plan to your potential clients be sure to direct their immediate attention to a CTA (call to action).

By focusing their attention on a clear CTA you’ll reduce the chance of your clients becoming confused about what actions they need to take to begin their journey with you.



We have our failure statement right “above the fold” because this is exactly how I felt 多年来!

We have our failure statement right “above the fold” because this is exactly how I felt 多年来!

Now you need to show your potential client what could happen if they don’t buy your services. 它被称为失败陈述.

我说的不是人质事件. I mean showing your potential client what they would miss out on if they didn’t decide to work with you.

Don’t assume that your potential client will know that you can change their lives. 向他们展示.

We ask our clients to give us Google reviews 和 before Covid-19, Dafa888casino也会收到视频推荐.


  • 他们会获得地位

  • 达到他们的目标

  • 在他们的行业中取得成功

Clients want to hear this because they want to be able to transform their business into something amazing. 每个人都渴望与众不同,渴望改变.

Show your clients that by engaging 和 working with you they can transform into what they want to be. 通过澄清你的信息来做到这一点. 关注客户的旅程. 做他们的向导.

Dafa888casino花了很长时间才走到这一步. We want to make sure you don’t have to endure that learning curve!

Our process is proven to provide you with a distinctive br和, fantastic content 和 a professional website that is sure to spark joy, ✨ increase sales 💵 和 give you an overwhelming sense of pride. 😀

如果你想看看Dafa888casino的 发电计划 for yourself 和 let us solve your problems then get in touch today.





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